“The wind of poverty blows like a cyclone with a heavy tide of hardship, melancholy, acrimony and socio-political anarchism sweeping violently along its pathway. This tide makes the pathway difficult to travel, overcome and manoeuvre. Several policy actors and researchers have made attempts to proffer determined solutions to this tenuous situation has however defy most implementations and workability. No doubt, many countries of the world … have been entangled and some mangled by the tide of poverty while … others have been swept away into an unknown destination or better still a ‘dustbin of oblivion'” (2017, p. 63; Mawere, 2014).

Aluko Opeyemi, I., & Mawere, M. (2017). Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Rethinking Africa’s Socio-political Economy. The Political Economy of Poverty, Vulnerability and Disaster Risk Management: Building Bridges of Resilience, Entrepreneurshi, 63-91.