About Elaine

Elaine is actively engaged in contributing to universities as sites of fairness, equity, diversity, and inclusion. For instance, she works to advance initiatives that support marginalized students to mitigate generational poverty. With a focus on the sociology of higher education, Elaine is knowledgeable about the historic and contemporary complexities that shape Canadian universities.

As a student, teacher, mentor-mentee, and researcher, Elaine is well-versed in self- and student-advocacy. She leverages her lived experiences, research, and knowledge mobilization to support students and university communities-at-large—across disciplines—to continue to build fair and socially just higher educational landscapes.

  • 10+ years lived experiences and knowledge supporting marginalized students—and, university communities-at-large, to build inclusive educational landscapes;
  • 15+ years of experience in communications, investigating and reporting of challenges facing private- and public-sector organizations;
  • Known for identifying problems/opportunities and developing effective solutions;
  • An empathetic and relational leader who is sensitive to the complexity of how lives are shaped by multiple social characteristics;
  • Known as a community builder and connector of people;
  • Respected for abilities to identify needs, negotiate and facilitate conflict resolution, navigate complex institutional structures and policies, and communicate with multiple stakeholders;
  • Acknowledged for ongoing applied activities to foster fairness, equity, diversity, and inclusion in Canadian universities and colleges;
  • 5+ years focusing on the sociology of higher education and undergraduate and graduate school trends and challenges;
  • Known for a commitment to knowledge mobilization for social change.