Shoestring Initiative

Contact Elaine Laberge:

The Shoestring Initiative is a grassroots initiative to build community and support among first-generation students, staff, and faculty who identify as coming from poverty, working class backgrounds, first generation, and from/in foster care.

As members of the UVic community from poverty or working class origins ourselves, we recognize that our backgrounds come with shared strengths and experiences, as well as unique challenges that continue to influence our work and life at UVic. With your help, we plan to create a community of friends and mentors to support our success at UVic and beyond.

Future plans include, but are not limited to, increasing access to resources, building partnerships with community and University service providers, and hosting social events for our community.

As a grassroots initiative, we encourage open communication with all of our members. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, please let us know.

Also be sure to join our Shoestring Initiative Facebook group. We are building a vibrant community of peers and helpers. If you have a question to ask or an experience to share with community members, check out our group chat.