Congress 2017: Submit an Abstract!!                                                         Ryerson University

Narrative Understandings of Social Inequality: Bringing Participants’ Experiences and Knowledges to the Centre

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Are you a scholar who wants to share how you are bringing participants’ experiences to the forefront to make social inequality visible? Are you focused on making your research accessible, inside and outside of academia, by exploring participant’s experiences, through narrative, to talk about social justice?  Does your research focus on ensuring that participants are part of the discussion and not the object of discussion (Adair, 2005)? If so, then this roundtable is for you!

Narrative for this session has an inclusive and fluid definition. Participants may use, for example, arts-based, ethnography, narrative, mixed methods, or narrative inquiry methods to explore sociological issues. Research outcomes may be as wide ranging as: narrative accounts, creative non-fiction, bricolage/pastiche, metaphor, plays, quilting, and poetry. At this session, researchers, at any stage of their career, will share how their research method/s and dissemination strategies have the potential to open up spaces for alternate conversations regarding their sociological or interdisciplinary research area. This is a safe space to share research, research challenges, and findings as well as to receive support from fellow attendees. Our presentations and discussions will focus on how we bring research participants’ voices to the centre and make their experiences and knowledges visible.

This roundtable session is limited to 10 presenters.

If you have any questions, please contact Elaine at


Session Organizer: Elaine Laberge, master’s student (sociology)

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Submit to:

Session Code:   VIS2

Research Cluster Affiliation:  Visual Sociology and Methodologies

Category:  Canadian Sociology

Submission deadline:   January 27, 2017                                    

Abstract word count:   200 words

Session date and time:  TBA



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