Get your voice heard! Seeking book contributors.

Exploring the violence of poverty: A Freirean, trauma informed coproduction on life in austerity

(Working title. The actual title will emerge from the work.)

These are the voices of people who are almost entirely absent in texts on social services, the criminal justice system, food bank usage, mental health, and many other issues.

The book will be a collection of short stories, poems, works of art, photographs and interviews that illustrate the lives of people living the effects of austerity and the painful and positive sides of their lives on the margins. We will work extensively with people in the community to enable them to confidently tell their stories. The contributions will be set into themed chapters, each accompanied by co-produced critical commentaries, on how the stories fit into the the wider, social, political, and economic backdrop of their contexts. These commentaries will be produced by the editors and the community members working together to understand their own place in the world and how to change it.

The contributions will be gleaned through workshops with people focussing on ensuring they feel empowered by the process, assisting them to understand the value and power of their voice for the learning and understanding of other about their world view and, most importantly, ensuring that they feel that they are making a contribution that not only benefits students and academics, but also benefits them and is not merely extractive research that leaves them feeling further disenfranchised. This will allow personal and emotional connections from the writers to the readers, who will be able to understand the issues covered from anotehr way of knowing. Contact us to learn more.

Sign up by: _____, 2021
Publication Date: 2022

Dr. Cassie Earl
Department of Education Research
Lancaster University, UK

Elaine J Laberge PhD/ABD
Faculty of Education
University of Victoria, Canada

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