Who is Elaine?

Attributes and Skills

Connection: Recognised as a community builder who is respected for working toward addressing systemic inequality and inequity to remove barriers to access and participation in society. Believes strongly working together to meet the needs of their communities.
Communication: An excellent communicator, presenter and collaborator who engages effectively and comfortably with diverse stakeholders. Creates award-winning, results-focused marketing with exceptional communications and knowledge-mobilization talents. Approaches research, communications and community-building from a decolonial, GBA+ and intersectional lens including social class.
Contribution: Known for innovation in advancing initiatives and supporting institutional visions at the strategic and operational levels. Respected for creativity in identifying problems, strategies and objectives—and, developing creative, successful solutions.
Coordination: 15+ years of experience in designing and managing projects, protocols, recruitment strategies, events and strategic initiatives.
Collaboration: Actively engaged in decolonising practices, recognised and appreciated for conflict management, facilitation and collaboration talents. Successful at working with individuals, groups, committees and organizations (government, education and private sector). Known for generating enhanced community participation in for-profit and not-for-profit strategic planning.

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